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標題: Experiments on constructing sponge city–increasing infiltrationby using water storage board with infiltration
作者: Gao-Tian Fan
Jia-Ming Zhuang
Xin-Ying Xie
Yu-Huan Zhang
Shao-Hua Hsu
關鍵字: Double-Ring Infiltration Test;Low Impact Development (LID);SWMM;water storage board;infiltration pipes;雙環試驗;低衝擊開發(LID);SWMM;蓄水積木板;滲透導管
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 3, Page(s) 2195-2208.
In this study, a private parking lot in Xitun District was used as the experimental site, and the experimental data of infiltration was obtained by the Double-Ring Infiltration Tests. The original saturated infiltration curve was obtained by applying the Philip infiltration formula. At the experimental site, for the area of one unit parking space, 150cm deep was excavated to bury infiltration pipes vertically beneath the bottom and then set up water storage board on top of the pipes. One cubic meter of rainwater storage space was created under the ground surface. The surface of the experimental area was then recovered to its original form with the water storage board and infiltration pipes embedded inside the land under the original pavement, which is one set-up of low impact development (LID), The post-installation of the new LID set-up was evaluated by the EPA SWMM model by simulating different rainfall conditions and comparing the differences in storm water runoff between the original and after installation of the LID set-up. For a rainfall event of two year of recurrence period, the total runoff volume is reduced from about 3.3% to 39.5%, and the peak flow is reduced from about 1.16% to 19.6%, with area set up water storage board and infiltration pipes(LID modules), set the ratio of different LID modules.

本研究利用西屯區私人停車場為實驗場地,先以雙環試驗取得實驗數據,代入 Philip 入 滲公式求得原始飽和入滲率後,再運用低衝擊開發(LID,Low Impact Development)概念,於 實驗地點向下開挖 150 公分深,埋入滲透導管,並架設蓄水積木板,在地表下創造一立方公尺 的貯蓄雨水空間,再恢復實驗地點的透水鋪面。 採用 EPA SWMM 模式(Storm Water Management Model),模擬不同降雨狀況下,實驗區域 架設 LID 資材比例所產生降雨逕流之差異。以兩年重現期距降雨為例,將現況情境以架設蓄水 積木板及滲透導管(LID 模組)改造,設定不同的 LID 模組比例,得到總逕流體積削減約 3.3%~39.5%、洪峰流量消減約 1.16%~19.6%。
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