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標題: Impact of dike construction on biodiversity on the Chihlan River
作者: Song-Yue Yang
Ming-De Chuang
關鍵字: biodiversity;flood control;seasonal Kendall test;freshwater ecology;生物多樣性;堤防工程;seasonal Kendall test;淡水生態
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 4, Page(s) 2209-2222.
Dike work, a common measure in river regulation, threatens freshwater ecosystems. To understand the impact flood control work on aquatic ecosystem in Taiwan, the Water Resources Planning Institute, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs instituted an ecological monitoring program for the Chihlan River in Chiayi County in 2000-2004. During this period, two dikes were constructed for flood control on the Chihlan River. Communities of birds, fish, crustaceans, amphibians and aquatic insects were monitored. This study used the seasonal Kendall test to analyze the 5-year time series trends of species richness, abundances, and biodiversity indices at each zone to identify the degree and scope of dike construction impact, and further compare the sensitivity of different creatures to the impact. Aquatic insects were most sensitive to the habitat alterations, followed by fish, amphibians, and crustaceans. The construction did not have significant impact to the biodiversity of bird. The sensitivity difference was related to creature mobility and habitat dependence. In conclusion, construction of dikes resulted in species disappearance and biodiversity degradation, especially during the initial construction stages. Although the ecosystem recovered, its resilience was limited.

堤防工程是河川治理中經常採用的方法,但卻也同時威脅到淡水生態系。為了瞭解堤防工 程對於淡水生態系的衝擊,經濟部水利署水利規劃試驗所於 2000~2004 年間在嘉義縣赤蘭溪進 行一個長期的生態觀測計畫,項目包含鳥類、魚類、甲殼類、兩棲類與水生昆蟲。同時,在這 觀測期間,有兩處堤防工程被興建。本研究採用 seasonal Kendall test 分析這五年期間物種豐富 度與生物多樣性指標時間序列的變化,來評估堤防工程對於河川生物多樣性所造成的衝擊,並 進一步比較不同生物種類對於衝擊的敏感程度。本研究成果顯示水生昆蟲對於棲地的改變最為 敏感,依序為魚類、兩棲類與甲殼類,對於鳥類則沒有顯著的影響。而這樣的差異主要是與物 種的移動能力,已及對於棲地的依賴程度有關。本研究顯示堤防工程會導致河川物種的消失與 生態多樣性的劣化,特別是在施工的初期階段。即使後來逐漸復原,回復的程度仍然有限。
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