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標題: Creep Simulation of a Slope in Fengqiu No.7 Torrent
作者: Chun-kai Chiu
Zhengyi Feng
關鍵字: slope;creep;FLAC;numerical simulation;parametrical analysis;邊坡;潛變;FLAC;數值模擬;參數分析
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 49, Issue 4, Page(s) 2267-2282.
This study applied a numerical model to explore the mechanism and displacement of a slope. The research area is located at the Fengqiu No.7 torrent in Chenyulan watershed. The slope profile was obtained based the 2014 DEM from aerial photograph interpretation. This study conducted field investigation to determine the geological strength index and information of stratification. The electrical resistivity tomography was performed to detect boundary of the strata. This finite difference code, FLAC, was applied to build a 2-dimensional slope numerical model for the study location. Hoek-Brown constitutive law and appropriate geological strength index were selected to establish the baseline case. Based on the baseline case, the parametrical studied was performed. The parameters include constitutive law, geological strength index (GSI), and the viscosity coefficient in the creep model. Although this study is limited by the lack of geological data, the results are not suitable for prediction. However, the preliminary procedure to analyze the creeping behavior of a slope was established and can be a reference for future research.

本研究以數值模型探討邊坡潛變之受力機制與位移情況。本研究區位於陳有蘭溪流域豐丘 七號野溪段,邊坡剖面採取 2014 年航照判釋後之數值地形 DEM。本研究進行現地勘查判斷地 質強度指標與地層分層訊息,並進行地電阻剖面法探測地層並比較之,推估地層分界。受力機 制模擬則透過連續體有限差分 FLAC 程式來進行,選擇 Hoek-Brown 組成律與適當的地質強度 參數,建置研究區位二維邊坡數值模型之基線案例(baseline case)。本研究再以基線案例為基礎 進行參數敏感性分析。參數包括組成律、地質強度指標(GSI)與潛變參數等,討論影響邊坡穩定 的幾個因素。本研究因現地資料不足受限,雖無法提供預測之用途,但初步建立的邊坡潛變分 析程序,可供後續相關研究之參考。
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