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標題: Surface Displacement Monitoring on Landslide Susceptible Areas by Low-Cost GPS technique
以低成本 GPS 技術進行崩塌潛勢區地表位移監測
作者: Yu-Shen Hsiao
Chih-Cing Hsu
關鍵字: GPS;Surface displacement;low-cost;single-frequency;RTK;全球定位系統;地表位移;低成本單頻 GPS 接收儀;網路 RTK
Project: 水土保持學報, Volume 50, Issue 1, Page(s) 2312-2330.
We use low-cost single-frequency global positioning system (GPS) receivers to monitor long-term surface displacements on the landslide susceptible areas in Xiding catchment area of Alishan. Each area contains five GPS monitoring stations. The used GPS receivers are the types of “GPS-721-MRTU”, and the GPS observations are stored in 2-minute frequency. The GPS observation period is from May to December, 2017. The key points of this study include: (1) the detection of the outliers, (2) the selection for the best filter method and filter width, and (3) the estimate of the surface displacement. All results derived from GPS-721-MRTU are compared with those derived from network RTK technique. This study shows that the best filtering method for GPS raw data is Gaussian filtering with a cover window width of 2880 minutes. However, the surface displacements derived from GPS-721-MRTU reach a few decimeters, which is very different from the network RTK result. The GPS-721-MRTU result also show that the amplitude of the coordinates in the north-south direction is periodically changed.

本研究在阿里山隙頂集水區兩塊崩塌潛勢區內布設低成本之 GPS 單頻接收儀,來進行 GPS 自動化即時監測,以評估此技術應用於地表變位長期監測之可行性。兩塊區域各設置 5 處 GPS 監測站。儀器採用 GPS-721-MRTU 單頻接收儀,每 2 分鐘獲取一筆資料。觀測時間為 2017 年 5 月至 12 月間。本研究之研究重點包括:(1)觀測資料偵測大錯;(2)最佳濾波方式與 罩窗寬度之選擇;(3)位移成果計算與展現。研究中也將 GPS 監測站位移結果與利用網路 RTK 技術所測得的結果相互驗證。本研究顯示,GPS 原始資料最佳濾波方法,為利用罩窗寬度 2880 分鐘之高斯濾波處理,然而計算觀測時間內之位移量,其位移達數十公分,與網路 RTK 結果 差距甚大,且在南北方向坐標震幅有週期性變化產生。
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