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標題: 疑歐主義、英國獨立黨與英國的脫歐公投
Euroscepticism, UK Independent Party and the Brexit Referendum
作者: 張心怡
Hsin-Yi Chang
關鍵字: 疑歐主義;英國脫歐公投;英國獨立黨;保守黨;歐盟;Euroscepticism;Brexit Referendum;UK Independent Party;Conservative Party;EU
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 63, Page(s) 65-96

When the early steps towards creating a uniting Europe were made in the 1950s, there had been considerable reservations within the British Government over the matter on whether Britain should participate in such arrangements. As time went by, these hostility and distrust towards closer European integration have evolved and gradually been politicalized in parallel to the successive developments of the European Union, whereas the term "Euroscepticism", no longer an exclusive British phenomenon, has come to be equated with different forms of opposition to European integration. Today, growing Euroscepticism within Britain has not only significantly increased support for UKIP's far-right politics which resulted in Brexit's referendum, but also giving rise to Eurosceptic parties across the Continent. By analyzing the development of Euroscepticism and its process of being politicalized in the UK, this article explores the role of British Euroscepticism in the rise of UKIP and discusses their influence upon the vote choice in the Brexit Referendum. With doing so, this study aims to provide a better understanding for the research on the role and effects of Euroscepticism in the European integration process.
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