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標題: 解析臺灣於中美洲的外交成果
Explaining Taiwan's Diplomatic Success in Central America
作者: 芮宗泰
Timothy S. Rich
Andi Dahmer
關鍵字: 台灣;外交承認;中美洲;援助;國際組織;Taiwan;Diplomatic Recognition;Central America;Aid;International Organizations
Project: 全球政治評論, Issue 63, Page(s) 121-136

What explains Taiwan's ability to hold onto formal diplomatic recognition in Central America compared to most other regions? We contend that trade as well as aid and investments have assisted Taiwan's efforts, while regional intergovernmental organizations provide Taiwan's strongest asset in maintaining diplomatic relations. Chinese efforts to isolate Taiwan's diplomatic space will continue, but building on lessons from Central America suggests means for Taiwan to prevent further isolation.
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