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標題: 金融控股公司所屬銀行經營效率之比較:資料包絡分析法之應用
A Comparison on the Efficiency of the Subsidiary Banks of FHC: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
作者: 陳欣華
Hsin-Hua Chen
Li-Fen Lei
關鍵字: 金融控股公司;資料包絡分析法;技術效率;規模效率;配置效率;整體效率;financial holding company;data envelopment analysis;technical efficiency;scale efficiency;allocate efficiency;overall efficiency
Project: 台灣管理學刊, Volume 16, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-16
台灣自通過金融控股公司法,整合金融集團資源及多角化經營的金融控股公司(Financial Holding Company, FHC),已成為市場主流。本研究針對13家金控所屬銀行,根據2007~2010年之公開財報資料,以資料包絡分析法,建立研究銀行經營效率之模型,並進一步以Tobit迴歸分析探討分行家數、官股成分及是否採行綜合型分行制度等環境變數之影響,以提供未來銀行業調整經營模式之參考。研究結果顯示,觀察期間金控所屬銀行普遍缺乏整體效率與配置效率;而分行家數多寡對銀行之經營效率並無顯著影響,故應建置完善之交易網絡,以因應客戶交易習慣之改變及利於業務之擴展。銀行股東是否具官股成分,對配置效率及整體效率之影響呈顯著正相關,顯示官股銀行可運用其豐富資源及低成本的優勢,達到最適資源配置。最後綜合型分行制度對配置效率和整體效率亦有顯著正相關之影響,顯示採行綜合型分行制度可發揮資源共享及交叉行銷之綜效,而具經營效率之優勢。

This research applies Data Envelopment Analysis to analyze operation efficiency of thirteen subsidiary banks of FHC. Furthermore, this study provides a discussion of environment variables such as the number of branches, government holdings proportion, and branch operating system by Tobit regression analysis. The empirical results show that most of studied banks are short of overall efficiency and allocative efficiency. Nevertherless, the estimation results of Tobit regression have conveyed the impacts of environmet varaibles on efficency. First of all, number of branch that influences on efficiency of the banks is not obvious. However, it will be more efficient if the transaction network can be improved to response to the changes of customers' transaction habits. Secondly, the institutions which have government holdings should utilizes the benefits of their rich resources and low costs in order to achieve the best resource allocation. Thirdly, the branch operating system also has positive effect on allocative efficiency and overall efficiency, which proves the importance of resource-sharing.
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