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標題: 大專運動代表隊恆毅力特質之探討
The Trait of Grit: A Study of College Athletes
作者: 陳盈樺
Ying-Hua Chen
Ming Hung Lin
關鍵字: 恆毅力;學生運動員;大專院校;grit;college athletes;universities
Project: 台灣管理學刊, Volume 19, Issue 1, Page(s) 31-46

This study aims at the National Chung Hsing University school team athletes as the research subjects. The purpose is to explore their grit trait. The interview method, a qualitative research case study method, was used to understand how university school team athletes develops the four conditions of cultivating grit through exercise to enhance characteristics of grit. Through interviews, it can be seen that the grit characteristics of the university school team athletes affect their lives. There are many benefits brought by the sport. In addition to good health, athletes have a positive attitude and are willing to work hard and energy to achieve goals. They are not afraid of hardships and will not easily give up even if they encounter setbacks. When exercise becomes a habit, it will also affect life. There will be a more regular pace in daily life, and self-requirement will be higher, and possessing such traits, whether on the sports field, academically, or in the future employment workplace. It is a good advantage.
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