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標題: 狗鼻紋影像比對
Dog Nose Print Image Matching
作者: 羅廷君
Ting-Chun Lo
Ai-Wei Chen
Yin-Hsuan Chang
關鍵字: 影像切割;影像基準點定位;狗鼻紋辨識系統;犬隻管理;image segmentation;pivot point location;Dog Nose Pattern Recognition system;dog management
Project: 台灣管理學刊, Volume 19, Issue 1, Page(s) 77-93

With the increase in the proportion of keeping pets, most of pets have still been abandoned and missing. This problem is the main factor causing the surplus of stray dogs. To solve the problem about stray dogs, we not only need the legislation, but also should effectively manage the quantity of dogs. In our research, we use dog nose prints, which is unique as human fingerprints. Besides, using techniques of image processing to develop our Dog Nose Print Image Matching system, which can solve the problem of managing dogs. The dog nose print image matching system is mainly divided into two parts: dog nose print image segmentation and dog nose print image matching. We continue "Pivot Point Location of Dog Nose Printimage" (Lin, 2017) to cut out the entire dog nose pattern. Then, locating the best pivot point of the image, and matching the patterns even though the nose of those images are different angles and directions. By this method, we achieve our purpose of identifying dogs.
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