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標題: Promotion Effect of Cryptomeria japonica Wood Vinegar on the Germination and Radical Growth of Lactuca sativa L. Seed
作者: Chuen-Li Juang
Kun-Tsung Lu
關鍵字: Cryptomeria japonica;Wood vinegars;Lactuca sativa L;Germination of seed;Growth of radical;柳杉;木醋液;皺葉萵苣;種子發芽;胚根生長
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 3, Page(s) 141-150.
In this study, the crude wood vinegar was made from Cryptomeria japonica by using steel kiln heated to 500℃ under the heating rate of 100℃/hr and holding time of 1 hr. The ether-extracted wood vinegar and acidic, phenolic and neutral fractions were obtained from wood vinegar which has been stood for 3 months of the crude wood vinegar by partition method using ether, NaHCO3(aq), H2SO4(aq) and NaOH(aq) as a chemical agent. The organic ingredients of ether-extracted wood vinegar acidic, phenolic compounds and neutral fractions as well as the germination of Lactuca sativa L seeds were examined. The results showed that the main organic compound of ether-extracted wood vinegar was acetic acid; the main compound in acidic fractions was acetic acid, followed by propanoic acid and butanoic acid; in phenolic fraction was phenol, followed by 2- methoxy-phenol and 3-methy-lphenol; in the neutral fractions was furfural and cyclopentenone derivatives and 2-furanmethanol and furfural were the major compounds in the neutral fractions. The promotion effect also indicated that the ether-extracted wood vinegars, acidic, phenolic and neutral fractions which were diluted 10 and 102 times could inhibit the germination of L. sativa seeds. However the dilutions of more than 105 could accelerate germination of the seeds mentioned, especially for the dilutions of 106 and 107 times. The results also founded that the phenolic fraction inhibited the seeds germination, but which did not affect the growth of radical and hypocotyl. Generally speaking, the low concentration(dilutions more than 105 times)of etherextracted wood vinegars, acidic and neutral compounds could increase the germination of L. sativa seeds and promote the radical and hypocotyls growth.

本研究係將柳杉(Cryptomeria japonica)以機械窯依升溫速率 100℃/hr,加熱至 500℃,並持溫 1hr 製造 粗木醋液,再將粗木醋液靜置 3 個月所得之木醋液,以乙醚、碳酸氫鈉溶液、硫酸溶液及氫氧化鈉溶液等藥劑,以分 配法(Partition method)將木醋液分離成乙醚萃取木醋液及酸性、酚性與中性物質,除以 GC-MS 鑑定其有機成分 外,並探討各物質經稀釋後對皺葉萵苣(Lactuca sativa L.)種子發芽及胚根與胚軸生長之促進作用。結果顯示,乙醚 萃取木醋液的有機成分以醋酸含量最多;酸性物質中均以醋酸含量最高,丙酸及丁酸次之;酚性物質均以酚含量最高, 其他尚有 2-甲氧基酚、3-甲基酚等;中性物質之主要成分為呋喃類及環戊烯酮類衍生物,其中以 2-呋喃甲醇(2- Furanmethanol)與糠醛(Furfural)為主。稀釋 10 及 102之乙醚萃取木醋液、酸性物質、酚性物質及中性物質均會 完全抑制皺葉萵苣種子之發芽。而稀釋 105 倍以上者雖多能促進種子發芽率,尤以稀釋 105 及 107 倍者最佳,但於統 計上均無顯著之促進作用。又由試驗結果得知,酚性物質具有抑制種子發芽作用,但發芽後之胚根及胚軸生長並不會 受到影響;整體而言,低濃度(稀釋 105 倍以上者)之乙醚萃取木醋液、酸性物質、中性物質均可以促進種子發芽與 胚根及胚軸生長。
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