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標題: Effects of Media on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Lilium formosanum Wallace
作者: Chia-En Chang
Yu Sung
Chen Chang
關鍵字: 介質物理性;導電度;pH 值;植株發育
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 3, Page(s) 181-188.
The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of four mix media on formosa lily seed germination and seedling growth on 128 cell plugs system. Results showed that the proportion of the finer sized particles was increased when adding sand to the media, and the particle-size was evenly distributed when adding vermiculite. All media used in the experiment had low total porosity and low air space. The electric conductivity of adding compact increased significantly and pH value was lowest for peatmoss: pearlite: vermiculite mix among the four mixed media. Germination rate and root development was poor when media containing compact. The results showed that peatmoss:pearlite:sand ( 2: 1: 1) and peatmoss: pearlite: vermiculite (2: 1: 1) were the most important factor for seedling growth and quality. Considering germination rate, seedling development, media's physical and chemical characteristic comprehensively, peatmoss: pearlite: vermiculite (2: 1: 1) would be more suitable for the medium of Lilium formosanum.

本試驗研究四種混合介質在臺灣百合種子穴盤育苗系統的效果,測定混合介質物理特性結果顯示,添加砂於 介質可使細顆粒比例提升,添加蛭石有助於粗、中及細顆粒均勻分布,試驗所使用之介質之總孔隙度及空氣孔隙度數 值皆偏低。添加有機質堆肥使混合介質導電度值大幅上升,介質的酸鹼度值則以泥炭土:珍珠石:蛭石三者混合介質 最低。臺灣百合播種於添加有機質堆肥之混合介質發芽率較低且根系發育較差,以泥炭土:珍珠石:砂 ( 2:1:1) 及泥炭土:珍珠石:蛭石( 2:1:1)育苗者有較佳的葉數、根長、鱗片葉與小球鮮重及根鮮重。由發芽率、育苗品質 及介質理化性等因素進行考量,泥炭土:珍珠石:蛭石(2:1:1)為較適合之臺灣百合種子育苗介質。
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