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標題: Satisfaction Assessment on the Production Traceability Systems for Tree Seedlings
作者: Chen-Chung Chang
Ya-Li Huang
Hsu-Yang Kung
Shou-Tsung Wu
Chaur-Tzuhn Chen
關鍵字: Production Traceability Systems of Tree Seedlings (PTSTS);Information Systems Success Model (ISSM);Satisfaction;林木種子生產履歷系統;資訊系統成功模式;滿意度
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 4, Page(s) 201-214.
With the rapid development of network and information technology, the electronic business management has become a channel for information dissemination. In this study, the Production Traceability Systems of Tree Seedlings (PTSTS) used as material and the Information System Success Model (ISSM) as the research structure. The questionnaire and in-depth interview were used to explore the feasibility and satisfaction of PTSTS for nursery workers of forest bureau. A total of 40 valid questionnaires and 14 interview records were collected. We used Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis to test relationship between the PTSTS satisfaction and effect. The results showed if the PTSTS more perfection, the user effectiveness would be higher and the PTSTS are significantly impact the user willingness and satisfaction. To enhance the user willingness and satisfaction of tablet PC operating, it should strengthen and improve the tablet PC operating mode flexibility convenience and maneuverability

隨著網路與資訊科技的快速發展,業務電子化管理已成為資訊傳播的管道。本研究係利用林木種苗生產作業 所建立之生產履歷與資訊電子化管理系統,以資訊系統成功模式(Information Systems Success Model, ISSM)為研究 架構,透過問卷調查與深度訪談(In-depth Interview),瞭解林務局苗圃作業人員的系統接受度與使用需求,探討履歷 制度導入苗木生產之可行性與系統滿意度。本研究共回收 40 份有效問卷與 14 次訪談記錄,進行歸納整理與分析,以 皮爾森相關係數(Pearson Correlation Coefficient)檢定履歷制度與系統之相關性,並以迴歸分析(Regression Analysis)模式檢視影響系統滿意度之因素。研究結果顯示制度建構越完善,對系統使用效益與影響越高;系統與資訊 品質對苗木生產履歷系統之使用意願與使用者滿意度較具顯著影響,為提升平板作業之使用意願與滿意度,應加強及 改善作業模式之應用彈性、便利性與操作性。
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