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標題: Evaluations of crown characteristics and ability of carbon storage for juvenile plantations of Zelkova serrata and Fraxinus formosana
作者: Yu-Ping Lin
Tian-Ming Yen
關鍵字: Zelkova serrata;Fraxinus formosana;plantation;aboveground carbon storage;臺灣櫸;光臘樹;人工林;地上部碳貯存量
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 4, Page(s) 245-255.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate crown characteristics and ability of carbon storage for Zelkova serrata and Fraxinus formosana. The study area was located in Gukeng village, Yunlin County of central Taiwan and these plantations belonged to Taiwan Sugar Corporation. Three age classes were selected for each species. The crown parameters were used to evaluate crown characteristics for the two species and found that the trend of same crown parameters with age classes had differences between these two tree species. The tree location and crown projection area were adopted to measure trees for these two tree species with different age classes. It could be further used to predict crown competition factor (CCF) for plantations. We found that Zelkova serrata had higher CCF values (over 300%) than Fraxinus formosana. Moreover, high aboveground carbon storage (ACS) was discovered in Fraxinus formosana and the age class III was taken as example to illustrate the mean ACS. It was predicted to be 3.26 Mg ha^-1 yr^-1 .

本研究的目的在於評估臺灣櫸及光臘樹人工林幼齡期之樹冠特性及碳貯存量,研究區域位於臺灣中部雲林縣 古坑鄉,屬於臺灣糖業公司之造林地,每一樹種選擇 3 個不同齡級林分進行分析,採用樹冠參數評估不同齡級林木之 樹冠特性,結果發現相同樹冠參數在不同樹種間存在差異性,在樹冠面積的分析上,應用立木位置圖及樹冠投影測計 樹冠面積,用以計算樹冠競爭指數(crown competition factor, CCF),所得之結果發現臺灣櫸具有較高的 CCF 值(超 過 300%),此外,根據碳貯存量推估的結果顯示光臘樹具有較高的地上部碳貯存量,以齡級 III 為例,光臘樹平均 地上部碳貯存量可高達 3.26 Mg ha^-1 yr^-1。
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