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標題: The Establishment of Micro-Illumination Control System with Arduino
Arduino 應用於微型光照控制系統之建立
作者: Cheng-Yan Zhang
Sheng-Chien Li
Yu-Kai Weng
關鍵字: electric lighting;supplementary lighting;control system;Arduino;Wi-Fi;電照;補光;控制系統;Arduino;Wi-Fi
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 65, Issue 1, Page(s) 27-34.
The purpose of this research is to establish a lighting control system with remedy and electric lighting and to combine the system, luminance sensor, and lighting automation by using Arduino chip. We use Arduino to connect sensor and the I/O module with human machine interface. By setting up system parameter through human machine interface, we can use different tactics to keep crops growing up: supplementary lighting tactics, dark period interrupts tactics, and electric lighting tactics, which can extend the time of exposure to sunshine. The tactics that extend the time of exposure to sunshine can be set up differently. For example, the system automatically calculates the time of sunrise and sunset based on a user's area. Also, there are two modes of the system for users: they can set up the time of sunrise earlier or set up the time of sunset later based on different plants' need. With dark period interrupts tactics, users can key in parameter to the machine, such as the time of exposure to sunshine and the times of circulation, to control the growing of plants. This research use Wi-Fi remote control to proceed and control the data transmission. And, it is easy to change the tactics used through human machine interface, which make it simpler for peasants to take care of their crops. As a result, it can be applied on lighting control.

本研究目的在利用 Arduino 控制晶片,建立一套補光與電照統合之光照控制系統,結合照度感測器及自動化 光照技術,利用 Arduino 將感測器、I/O 模組與人機介面進行通訊,透過人機介面進行相關參數的設定,建立可維持 作物栽培需求光強度的補光策略及暗期中斷與延長日照的電照策略。延長日照策略能夠依據使用者之地區,系統會以 時鐘進行系統計算日出及日落時間,並由使用者自行選擇兩種模式,依照植物生理需求進行提前日出或延後日落之模 式。暗期中斷控制策略可依據植物生理特性,使用者可自行輸入參數如光照時間及循環次數,進而達到控制植物生長 之目的。本研究使用 Wi-Fi 遠端控制方式進行資料傳輸及控制,並透過人機介面可簡單更改控制策略,方便農民將栽 培作物之經驗,應用在實際光照控制上。
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