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標題: Development of a Round Baled Hay Dryer
作者: Sheng-Wen Chen
Chen Lu
Yi-Cheng Liao
Li-Cheng Heish
關鍵字: Round-baled Hay;Hay drying;Finite Element Method;牧草圓包;乾草烘乾;有限元素法
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 65, Issue 2, Page(s) 63-68.
Taiwan's weather is mostly humid which is not easy to make hay dried to the storage moisture content, 15% or under. Thus, this research has developed a prototype for drying round-baled hay, including two drying bases, a blower, a heater, and several connecting devices. To reduce the cost, a commercially available software, ANSYS, was used to design and analyze the prototype in order to have a safety factor higher than 1.5. The first generation of prototype implemented 20 mm thick steel plate having safety factor of 1.3 due to poor structure and improved to have the second generation. The second one has safety factor of 11.65 with 3 mm thick SS400 steel plate without welding difficulty as processed. Test results showed that the second generation of prototype had a problem of air leaking in the outlet of the base. Plastic cloth was used to reduce the outlet diameter from 0.9 m to 0.4 m and set a boiler at the inlet to develop the third generation. The drying material used in the experiment was silage, Stargrass, and Pangolagrass. The results showed that silage was not successful due to moisture content staying high and not drop to the goal. The rests, Stargrass and Pangolagrass, reached the drying goal within the test time. Hence, the fresh harvesting grass baled with lower density or having thicker stems would be able to dry successfully with this drying device.

由於台灣氣候潮濕且易下雨,高濕度之牧草草包難以自然乾燥至可儲存之含水率 15 %以下。本研究利用機械 輔助乾燥,研發一套牧草圓包烘乾雛型機,包含兩個烘乾底座、風壓機、加熱器及連結裝置。為降低製造成本,本研 究設計之雛型機底座應用商業軟體 ANSYS 進行有限元素法分析,其設備安全係數須大於 1.5,本研究研發的第一代雛 型機,雖鋼材厚度為 20 mm ,但其設計結構不佳,安全係數僅 1.33,不符合安全需求,因此改良成第二代雛型機, 此雛型機安全係數達 11.65,使用之材料為厚度 3 mm 的 SS400 鋼板,在加工處理上,不會因板材過薄造成焊接不易 之情形。而第二代雛型機進行試驗後,出風口有易漏風之現象,利用不透氣塑膠布將出風口之口徑由 0.90 m 縮小至 0.40 m,並在入風口處增設鍋爐成為第三代試驗機,並分別針對青貯牧草、星草以及盤固拉草進行烘乾實驗,試驗結 果顯示青貯牧草之草包不適合採用本研究開發之機械進行乾燥,而星草及盤固拉草之草包,烘乾效果可達業界需求之 標準。
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