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標題: Farm Sizes and Cost Efficiency of Rice Big Tenants: Application of Stochastic Frontier Approach
作者: Chia-Hui Lioa
Biing-Wen Huang
關鍵字: Stochastic frontier analysis;Cost efficiency;Rice big tenant;farm sizes;隨機邊界法;成本效率;稻作大佃農;經營規模
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 65, Issue 2, Page(s) 79-88.
The rice big tenants have been increasing farming acreage since Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, proposed 'Small Landlords and Big Tenants' in 2009. However, have those farmers actually had higher cost efficiency with larger farming acreage? In order to explore these issues, this paper follows Farrell's the 'production frontier' concept and considers the stochastic factors such as weather and natural environment. Then, stochastic frontier translog cost function is set up to calculate the cost efficiency to the first period farming of rice big tenants in 2013. The comparison of cost efficiency with different farm sizes is also analyzed. The empirical results reveal that the environment factor is the main reasons to cause the inefficient phenomenon in the first period. Furthermore, the tenants who cultivate more than 15 hectares can get higher cost efficiency. Based the empirical results, we suggest that the government should clearly regulate the compensation or insurance of the farmers' loss when the natural disasters occur. Moreover, the government can enlarge 'rental subsidy' policies to encourage rice tenants to rent more farms and improve their cost efficiencies.

2009 年起農委會推動「小地主大佃農」政策,雖使稻作大佃農經營面積擴大,但經營規模與成本效率的關聯為 何?本研究採用 Farrell(1957)生產邊界觀點,並考量稻作生產易受天候、自然環境等隨機性因素影響,建立 translog 隨機成本函數;探討 2013 年一期稻作大佃農的成本效率,分析不同規模大小的農戶效率差異。實證結果顯示氣候、 天災等隨機性因素為造成一期作成本無效率的主因。成本效率較佳的農戶平均經營規模在 15 公頃以上,顯示成本效 率佳的農戶普遍耕作大規模稻田。另一方面,依規模別探討成本效率差異,發現規模越大則平均成本效率越高,與前 者得到一致性的結果。根據實證結果,本研究建議農政單位宜明訂出重大天然災害的救助或保險規範;另外,建議農 政單位透過擴展租地補助措施,使稻農有更高的誘因來擴大經營面積,期能提升稻作的整體成本效率。 關鍵詞:隨機邊界法、成本效率、稻作大佃農、經營規模。
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