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標題: Analysis of Valuation Methods of Multifunctionality Benefits in Agriculture
作者: Wan-Yu Liu
Pei-Yu Liu
關鍵字: Multifunctional agriculture;Multifunctionality;Use value;Non-use value;農業多功能價值;多功能性;使用價值;非使用價值
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 65, Issue 3, Page(s) 137-164.
This study first reviews various values of multifunctional agriculture, including direct and indirect use values on production, in which the indirect use value includes landscape recreation, safety, reservation of cultural assets, ecological function, social influence, and so on. In addition, multifunctional agriculture has nonuse values, including existence, bequest, and selection values. Then, through the literature review on the practical applications of multifunctional agriculture in all countries, this study analyzes various aspects of the influence of agriculture on the human life, and realizes various analysis methods and evaluation models, in order to enhance international cooperation in agriculture, establish a model of analyzing agricultural multifunctional values, and promote the human well-being. This study employs 12 theoretical models to calculate various values in agriculture, including contingent valuation method, travel cost method, choice experiment method, benefit transfer method, hedonic price method, opportunity cost method, shadow price method, production function method, gross expenditure method, conjoint analysis method, contingent behavior method, market value method, cost-based method, and so on. This study expects to review and collate the related literatures to provide future follow-up researchers to be beneficial to evaluate agricultural multifunctional values.

本研究首先回顧多功能農業的各種價值,包括生產相關的直接使用價值與間接使用價值,後者包括景觀遊憩、 安全、文化資產保存、生態功能、社會影響等,另外多功能農業亦有非使用價值,包括存在、遺贈、選擇價值。本研 究透過農業多功能在各國實際應用文獻回顧,分析農業對人類生活之影響涵蓋層面,瞭解不同分析方法與評估模式, 藉此促使國際間農業的互助合作,建構農業多功能價值分析模式並促進人類福祉。本研究共分析十二種理論模型計算 出農業各種價值,包括:條件評估法、旅行成本法、選擇試驗法、效益轉移法、特徵價格法、機會成本法、影子價格 法、生產函數法、毛花費法、聯合分析法、假設行為法、市場價值法、成本基礎法等。本研究期待由相關研究回顧與 整理能對於未來後續研究者在評估農業多功能價值有所助益。
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