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標題: Using Focus Group Approach to Investigate the Demand of Fresh Meat Product Information for the Traditional
作者: Yen-Yu Liao
Shang-Ho Yang
關鍵字: Traditional Market;Focus Group Method;Fresh Meat Product;Warm Carcass Meat;Meat Product Information;傳統市場;焦點團體訪談法;生鮮肉品;溫體肉;肉品資訊
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 65, Issue 3, Page(s) 173-188.
Traditional markets have been the major outlets of food sources for the majority of Taiwanese consumers. Following the higher frequency of the incidents in recent food safety issues, Taiwanese consumers gradually pay more attention on product information. The limitation of meat product information is an obvious example in traditional markets. Therefore, a further study should be confirmed that whether traditional market consumers think that it is necessary to provide. This study adopted a qualitative approach by using the focus group method to interview with those who have been to traditional markets in purchasing their daily food sources for their family. A total of 22 regular customers of traditional markets were separately invited to participate the in-depth interview and discussion. The findings show that consumers still adopt the freshness as their significant judgement when they purchase fresh meat at traditional market. This explains why Taiwanese people love warm carcass meat. The demand of meat product information in traditional market still exists and has potential influences. The acceptance of receiving product information should ensure whether it is easy to approach. Meanwhile, the consumer expectation of the types of meat product information already has the concept of farm to table.

傳統市場是臺灣大多消費族群選購食物來源的主要場所,隨著食品安全事件發生次數的增加使得消費者越來越 重視產品資訊。在傳統市場最明顯之例子為生鮮肉品資訊的缺乏,因此,傳統市場消費者對生鮮肉品資訊是否認為有 必要性的提供,則須進一步探討。本研究採用質化研究法之焦點團體訪談法,分別兩次總共邀集 22 位經常固定到傳 統市場購買肉品食材之消費者進行訪談與討論,結果顯示消費者購買生鮮肉品過程中仍以新鮮度為優先判斷,這解釋 為何國人喜愛溫體肉之原因。而肉品資訊需求在傳統市場中是存在的且有影響力,而消費者的資訊接受度仍須考量獲 得資訊便利性,且消費者對傳統市場肉品資訊種類已有產地到餐桌的期望。
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