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標題: 老子思想的道論及其生命治療之義涵
The Theory of Tao of Laozi and its Meaning as a Life Cure
作者: 謝君直
Chun-chih Hsieh
關鍵字: 道德經;道體;道用;價值理序;文化治療學;生命哲學;淑世思想;Dao de jing;Tao-being;Practice of Tao;Order of value;Therapeutics of culture;Life philosophy;Meliorism
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 60, Page(s) 35-64

My thesis has several study opinions. First, I illustrate the meaning of Tao by the method of philosophical analysis and Chinese scholarship. Second, I analyze the meaning of Tian-tao(天道)and Tao in Chinese classics, compared to Tao of Laozi, and I point out the metaphysical meaning of Tao as the source of value. Laozi criticizes the loss of Tao in the world and asks humanity to return to the Tao, which signifies the meaning of value of the Tao. It's the practice of Tao. The idea of Taobeing is a practical theory about the skill of "toleration and forgiveness", "unrestricted and unblocked free" , "doing by not doing" , "modesty" , and "soft heartedness". Third, I interpret the theory of Tao to therapeutics of culture, which contains the life philosophy and meliorism. The practice of Tao could cure the sick of mind, find the spirit of life, and return one to the authenticity of life. The practice of Tao is the practice of the value of life's meaning. Finally, I conclude that the theory of the Tao of Laozi is philosophical wisdom which would neither object to the progression of civilization nor deny the objective existence of matters but instead remains the spirit of life to the world.
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