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標題: 朱熹對孔子「思無邪」說之詮釋
Zhu Xi's Interpretation on Confucius' Saying "Si Wu-Xie"
作者: 蔡智力
Zhi-li Cai
關鍵字: 朱熹;《論語》;「思無邪」;《詩經》;孔子;Zhu Xi;Analects of Confucius;"Si Wu-xie";Book of songs;Confucius
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 60, Page(s) 65-91

Zhu Xi's(朱熹)interpretation of Confucius' saying "si wu-xie"(思無邪), possesses very important academic significance on the studies of the Book of Songs. Therefore, this essay attempts to re-explore Zhu's explanation as rationally as possible. The first section of the essay, before analyzing Zhu's interpretation directly in the second and the third sections, outlines several explanations of the saying in order to manifest Zhu's contribution and reasonability. The second part focuses on the cross-era dialogue on the topic between Zhu Xi and his predecessor Cheng Yi(程頤)which indicates how Zhu transcends Cheng's annotation as "cheng-ye"(誠也), and finally explains it with "zheng"(正). By contrast, the third section places emphasis on the direct controversy about the subject of the saying between Zhu Xi and his close friend Lu Zu-qian(呂祖謙), in which Zhu announces that the subjects of the saying "si wu-xie" were readers of the poems. Last but not least, the fourth part demonstrates the reasonability of Zhu's annotation by using a direct comparison between Confucius' saying and its derivation in the chapter called "Jiong"(駉篇)in the Book of Songs.
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