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標題: Synthesis of nano-structured TiO2 films on flexible substrates by anodic oxidation
作者: 劉厥揚
Liu, Cheng-Yang
關鍵字: flexible;可撓性;titanium dioxide;anodic oxidation;二氧化鈦;陽極氧化
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
The nano-structured TiO2 films have been prepared on the flexible substrate by anodic oxidation using potentiodynamic and potentiostatic modes. The electrolyte is sulfuric acid. In potentiodynamic mode, the sweep rate at 3 mV s-1 14 mV s-1 and 28 mV s-1 have been synthesized anatase phase TiO2 films and particle size between 5 and 25 nm appeared above 10 V. In potentiostatic mode, There have been synthesized porous TiO2 films while potential above 20 V and time above 30 min. In Raman spectra, the lowest frequency shifted slightly toward low frequency as the particles size increasing and it have been high frequency relativity to bulk, the result called blue shift. The nano-structured TiO2 films could be synthesized over the range of 7.5 to 17.5 V in potentiodynamic mode, while the films formed higher than 10 V in potentiostatic mode.
Moreover, the oxygen plasma with various input power employs as the treatment of the PET substrate. The surface roughness increased with plasma power. Meanwhile, the surface has been increased some chemical hydrophilic group. The water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) value decreased from 5.60.4 to 3.0 g/m2-day, which decline to about 50% after the film treated by anodic oxidation and oxygen plasma at 50 W.

使用陽極氧化法中的定電壓與掃描電壓模式於可撓性基材上製備奈米二氧化鈦薄膜,所使用的電解液為硫酸 (H2SO4)。並以場發射掃描式電子顯微鏡(FE-SEM)分析表面微結構,拉曼光譜儀(Micro-Raman)分析其晶體結構。由FE-SEM及拉曼光譜分析得知,在掃描電壓模式下,不論掃描速率為3 mV s-1、14 mV s-1及28 mV s-1,當電壓為10 V至30 V時會有奈米顆粒狀的銳鈦礦(anatase)二氧化鈦薄膜出現,其顆粒尺寸約為5~25奈米。定電壓模式陽極氧化時,當電壓大於20 V以上及時間固定為30分時,氧化膜則大幅地改變為孔洞狀結構。另外,銳鈦礦結晶相二氧化鈦的拉曼最低頻能峰相對於塊材而言均屬高頻,此為藍位移現象且最低頻能峰則會隨顆粒變大而逐漸地朝低頻方向偏移。由綜合上述結果所整理之動力學相圖得知,在掃描電壓模式下製備奈米二氧化鈦薄膜的最佳範圍為7.5~17.5 V,不過在定電壓模式下則為10 V以上。
PET基材經電漿處理後,粗糙度會伴隨功率的提高而變的較粗糙且會有極性的官能基增加導致親水性上升。另外經50 W氧電漿處理後,TiO2薄膜之水氣穿透率由原先的5.6±0.4 g/m2-day降低47%而成為3.0 g/m2-day。
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