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標題: 成為出色的年輕女子-亨利.詹姆士《碧廬冤孽》中家庭女教師的自我建構
To Become a Remarkable Young Woman: The Governess's Construction of Self in Henry James's The Turn of the Screw
作者: 蕭碧莉
Pi-li Hsiao
關鍵字: 知識;他者性;男性凝視;家庭女教師;knowledge;otherness;male gaze;the governess
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 60, Page(s) 237-252

This paper aims to analyze how Henry James's unnamed protagonist in The Turn of the Screw attempts to become "a remarkable young woman" (James 39) by pursuing knowledge and suppressing her desire at Bly, the country mansion where she works as the governess. In response to the continued intense debates as to whether the governess is reliable and whether the ghosts exist, this paper proposes that the governess is an unreliable narrator and the ghosts are her fabrications. James ridicules Victorian womanhood by placing his governess in an extremely particular situation. The governess's difficulty in exercising the autonomy granted by her absent master results from her inferior position in terms of gender and class. Out of her thirst for appreciation and recognition from her master, she strives to pursue and produce knowledge about Bly. In order to be an ideal object of the imaginary male gaze, she denies her otherness and projects it onto Quint and Jessel, the dead former valet and governess, labeling them as ghosts that haunt the house and her two charges. In pursuit of knowledge and an ideal self-image, the protagonist presses the children on the existence of the ghosts to such an extent that she goes to extremes and invites evil and destruction.
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