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標題: Louis XVIII and the withdrawal of the European Troops from France in 1818
作者: 江彥賢
Yen-hsien Chiang
關鍵字: Louis XVIII;withdraw in 1818;Élie Louis Decazes;Arthur Wellesley;Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis;路易十八;1818年撤軍;德卡茲公爵;威靈頓公爵;利希留公爵
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 61, Page(s) 79-112
After the French Revolution, different political factions competed for power and didn't reflect on the pros and cons of the revolution until the Bourbon Restoration in 1815. This is because Louis XVIII, the first king of the Bourbon Restoration, didn't stick to an absolute monarchy. In Mémoires de Louis XVIII, we can find the effort he made to balance different political ideologies and create conditions that favored lasting peace. Via the Mémoires de Louis XVIII, we can get a closer look at the political changes after the French Revolution from the point of view of the old regime. Significantly, the policies and thinking of Louis XVIII have been neglected as a result of the dominant nartative that supports the French Revolution. Furthermore, it was foreign forces that controlled French politics. We can find the most obvious example from the study of relieving the garrison in 1818. The existing research asserts that the withdrawal of troops is a result of Duke Wellington's decision or the diplomatic practices of European aristocrats. However, little critical attention has been paid to the domestic factors in France, especially when Louis XVIII endeavored to make the European troops gradually withdraw. This essay will focus on the effort of Louis XVIII to withdraw the European troops from France, drawing upon Mémoires de Louis XVIII, along with related documents of the 19th century provided by the National Library of France, to fill the gap in current scholarship.

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