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標題: Thoreauvian Narcissism in Walden
作者: 許惠芬
Hui-fen Hsu
關鍵字: Walden;Thoreau;narcissism;Transcendentalism;nature;湖濱散記;梭羅;自戀情結;超越主義;大自然
Project: 興大人文學報, Issue 61, Page(s) 137-158
Walden seems to be a relatively straightforward text that achieves a unanimous comprehension about Thoreau's embrace of pastoral idealism and refutation of urban materialism. Under the surface of this common interpretation, however, lies the author's narcissistic tendency that disrupts the moral messages inculcated into the minds of the inferior others. The purpose of this study is to explore Thoreauvian narcissism in Walden through the synthesis of scholarly critiques on his life and thought. As a paradigmatic figure of Romantic and Transcendentalist thought, Thoreau advocates the reverence for nature and exploration of inner depth in his Walden experiment. However, the passionate search and urgent pleas for spiritual freedom are inseparable from his self-consciousness. The Transcendental vision in Walden implicates the appropriation of nature and discrimination of others. The two strands of narcissism constitute the contents of this study. Thoreau not only sublimates natural phenomena through his intense perception but also intends to soar above the modern world by criticizing its commercial values. Thoreau's self-attachment has an implicit presence throughout Walden, triggering all his idiosyncratic ideas about nature and humanity.

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