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標題: 臺灣石斑魚產業關鍵成功因素之研究-產業營運、價值鏈與全球運籌觀點
The Study of Critical Success Factors for Taiwanese Grouper Industry Management: Perspectives of Industrial Operations, Value Chain and Global Logistics
作者: 劉祥熹
Hsiang-Hsi Liu
Ching-Ta Chuang
Jyun-Long Chen
Wei-Hsiang Huang
關鍵字: 石斑魚;關鍵成功因素;產業營運;價值鏈;全球運籌;Grouper;Critical Success Factors;Industrial Operations;Value Chain;Global Logistics
Project: 應用經濟論叢, Issue 102, Page(s) 35-68
石斑魚為臺灣重要的出口導向型水產品,在ECFA簽訂與全球化趨勢下,其產業的經營為值得探究的重要議題。本文目的在於尋求出臺灣石斑魚產業在產業營運、價值鏈與全球運籌等層面的關鍵成功因素,並進一步綜合考量所帶來的策略意涵,以作為臺灣石斑魚產業從內部營運到全球化經營下的發展重點。基於研究目的,本文利用問卷調查獲取本研究所需資料,並應用統計方法進行信度與因素分析,以及重要滿意度交叉分析法(importance-performance analysis, IPA)以找出關鍵成功因素。研究結果指出,產業營運構面關鍵因素依序包含「企業結構」、「支援產業」、「生產因素」;價值鏈構面關鍵因素依序為「人力資源管理」、「行銷銷售」、「進貨運籌」;全球運籌構面關鍵因素依序為「配送構面」、「採購構面」、「製造構面」。另外,透過IPA分析亦找出各項必須維持的競爭優勢,必須進行改善之重點,建議將資源移轉之項目,以及目前應暫緩投入之項目。基於本研究實證結果,可提供重要資訊協助業者針對產銷層面制定產業經營策略,同時亦提供政府做為相關政策擬定之重要依據。

This study aims to find out the critical success factors of industrial operation, value chain, and global logistics for Taiwanese grouper industry management, and discusses their strategic implications for developing the global operations of Taiwanese grouper industry. In order to achieve our research objective, this study uses statistical analyses, including reliability, validity, factor analysis, and Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) to find out critical success factors. The empirical results reveal that critical success factors in industrial operation dimension include enterprise architecture, support the industry, factors of production; criteria success factors in value chain dimension include human resource management, marketing, purchasing logistics; and critical success factors in value chain dimension include distribution aspect, purchase aspect, manufacturing aspect. Furthermore, we also used IPA to figure out the items should be maintained, improved, transferred, and suspended. Basically, these empirical results can provide the useful information for production and marketing suggestions to grouper operators and policy implication to government agencies.
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