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標題: 勞動力成本對台灣國際觀光飯店服務品質和獲利能力之非線性影響
The Non-linear Impact of Labor Costs on the Nexus of Service Quality and Profitability in Taiwanese Hospitality Industry
作者: 楊子儀
Tzu-Yi Yang
Chung-Chih Li
關鍵字: 橫斷面平滑轉換迴歸模型;國際觀光飯店;獲利能力;服務品質;員工薪資;Panel Smooth Transition Regression (PSTR) Model;International Tourist Hotel;Profitability;Service Quality;Labor Cost
Project: 應用經濟論叢, Issue 103, Page(s) 183-205

This paper adopts a panel smooth transition regression model to investigate the threshold effects of service quality on profitability for 48 major international tourist hotels in Taiwan during the 2000-2013 period. The empirical results indicate that the relationship between service quality and hotel profitability is nonlinear, with different changes over time and among hotels and transition variables. Moreover, labor costs influence the marginal effects of service quality on hotel profitability, indicating that average employee wages can have a nonlinear influence on hotel profitability. Finally, when labor costs are under the threshold value, service quality (in terms of guest rooms or food and beverages) has a positive effect on hotel profitability, and the effect of food and beverage quality is more obvious than the effect of guest room quality. However, once labor costs exceed the threshold value, the marginal effect of service quality on hotel profitability will be inconsistent and may even result in an overall decline in hotel profitability.
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