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dc.contributor.authorShang-Ho Yangen_US
dc.contributor.authorHai-Jing Chenen_US
dc.contributor.authorJong-Wen Wannen_US
dc.description.abstract近年氣候劇烈變遷及市場環境變化影響,發展設施農業乃因應穩定供應農產品策略之一。為深入瞭解農民應用農業設施之動機與成因要素,本研究透過問卷調查掌握設施農民對農業設施之擴建意願,並以不同設施態樣種類之決策加以探討採用何種設施態樣之關鍵因素,因此,本研究先採用二元選擇模型中的羅吉斯模型(logit model)探究國內前十大類採用設施栽培之作物(包括:甜椒、菇類、小葉菜、苦瓜、番茄、葡萄、木瓜、草莓、文心蘭、洋桔梗)作為國內設施農業產業發展之依據;然後再以多元羅吉斯迴歸模型(multinomial logit model)探討設施農民採用何種設施態樣種類之決策方向。透過290位全臺設施農民之調查訪問與實證結果顯示未來主要農業設施發展方向以南部較年輕男性農戶、較多設施經驗、有加入產銷班、較注重增加耕種面積效益者、同意設施容許量放寬者、目前種植以水果類設施農民、有出貨到批發市場者、且有生產履歷者皆有意願擴建設施。而會採用不同設施態樣之決策則是與教育程度、土地面積、上過農民學院課程、地區性不同、農民對設施效益有所不同看法、種植品項與通路差異下皆會採用不同設施態樣。上述結果發現,擴建設施意願仍有地區上與年齡上差異,不管在提高產量之效益、通路考量與農產品項種類等特性皆是引導設施農業產業發展的誘因,因此,政策制定仍須考量產業發展動力來源方能顯著提升國內農產業穩定發展。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractSince the climate change and market environment have been dramatically influenced recent years, developing facility agriculture is one of strategies for stabilizing supply of agricultural products. In order to understand the motivation and the factors why farmers adopt agricultural facilities, this study utilizes a survey method to investigate the willingness-to-expand on their greenhouse among facility farmers. Furthermore, the key factors of decision making for different types of facility is further discussed how farmers choose the types of facility. Therefore, a Logit Model is adopted to evaluate the expanding decision for their facility which is focused on the top 10 potential facility crops, i.e., bell pepper, mushroom, small leafy vegetable, bitter squash, tomato, grape, papaya, strawberry, dancing-doll orchid, and lisianthus. And then a Multinomial Logit Model is further adopted to investigate the development of each types of facility. Through the interview survey from a total of 290 facility farmers, the empirical results show that facility farmers would like to expand their facility, especially for those who are young male farmers, from southern Taiwan, more experience with facility, join the production and marketing cooperative, emphasizing the benefit of the increasing cultivated area, agreeing to release the limitation of facility capacity, fruit facility farmers, using the wholesale market channel, and having traceability certificate. While farmers adopted different types of facility may be because their education level, land size, joined the plantation courses, from different regions, different perspectives on the benefits of facility, different crops, and different market channels. From above mentioned results we found that the willingness to expand horticulture greenhouses can be affected by different regions and age groups. Not only focusing on the productivity enhancement but also considering market channels and the characteristics of agricultural products are motivated and leading the development of facility agriculture. Therefore, it still needs to consider the motivation of the industrial development when making relative policy, so it would significantly enhance the stable development for the domestic agriculture.en_US
dc.relation應用經濟論叢, Issue 103, Page(s) 241-273zh_TW
dc.subjectAgricultural Facilityen_US
dc.subjectFacility Farmersen_US
dc.subjectAdopting Decisionen_US
dc.titleFacility Farmers' Willingness-to-Expand for their Greenhouse and Adopting Decision in Taiwanen_US
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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