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標題: 應用改良式PBL建立師資生教學設計知能與一般性能力之研究
Enhancing Student Teachers' Instructional Design Abilities and Generic Skills Through a Modified PBL
作者: 徐靜嫻
Ching-Hsien Hsu
Wei-Ren Lin
關鍵字: 師資培育;問題導向學習;教學原理;teacher education;problem-based learning;the principles of teaching
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-30
隨著課程的性質與內涵之差異,以及教學目的訴求之不同,不同學科領域的學者對PBL之應用,有越來越多的嘗試著重於將原始PBL的模式加以變動,以求符合課程的需求。本研究主要目的,是基於師資培育課程的特質,利用改良式PBL(modified problem-based learning),將認知鷹架融入「教學原理」課程的PBL運作裡,並結合專題導向學習,以建立學生教學原理之學科知識,和教學設計之基本知能。同時,藉由PBL之運作,希望促進其一般性技能,如問題解決、知識建構、人際互動與團體合作等能力之提升。最後,透過改良式PBL整體課程的實施,以瞭解在改良式PBL中所建構的認知鷹架,在促進PBL運作之成效。

Even though Problem-based learning has been applied to a variety of areas, it may not effectively fulfill different curriculum goals, since different disciplines involve specific nature and contents. There is an increasing attempt to think of accomplishing different educational goals by modifying problem-based learning but still highlighting the basic features of the original PBL approach. The purpose of this study is to use a modified PBL which combined several cognitive scaffolding and project-based learning in an initial teacher education curriculum, the principles of teaching. On the one hand, it would like to promote pre-service teacher students' abilities of instructional design and their generic skills, such as problem solving, knowledge construction, people interaction, and group working. On the other hand, the effect of promoting the function of PBL by different cognitive scaffolding will be explored.
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