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標題: 象牙塔裡的謊言?
A Fairy Tale in an Ivory Tower?
作者: 張源泉
Yuan-Chuan Chang
Dah-Chian Tseng
Chen-Sheng Yang
關鍵字: 德國高等教育;性別平等;場域理論;higher education in Germany;gender equality;field theory
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page(s) 31-55

In this paper I investigate the gender order in universities. After presenting the theoretical foundations of the concept of gender order as it relates to higher education, I discuss how philosophy has traditionally likened the gender relationship to the relationship between form and substance, and how this entails a concealed hierarchical relationship. I then use philosophy of Kant, Bourdieu's theories of habitus and capital to reveal how such traditional views rely on a class habitus which places men in a position of greater influence. Such male domination is deeply engrained in the very fabric of society, and in higher education has taken the form of gender segregation, a prominent trend in contemporary academia. Taking academia as an organizational field, I then point out the decisive importance of academic, economic, and political capital in higher education, and then explore the dynamic, interactive relationship which exists between these three forms of capital. In this section I also show how, inasmuch as academia has historically been a gendered institution, such gender bias naturally manifests in how universities strive to attain academic excellence. Finally, taking higher education in Germany as an example, afterwards, comparing Germany with the rest of the European Union, I show that while throughout the EU the proportion of women in academia steadily decreases as we survey the academic hierarchy in a bottom-to-top direction, the imbalance is far greater in Germany. Nonetheless, due to increasing government incentives and greater awareness of gender bias, the number female academics at German universities is beginning to increase.
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