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標題: 幼兒園發展特色與競爭力相關之研究
The Study of Development Feature and Competitiveness in Preschool
作者: 曹俊德
Jiun De Tsao
關鍵字: 幼兒園特色;競爭力;development feature;competitiveness
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 15, Issue 2, Page(s) 1-39

Under the influence of Low Birth Rate, it is difficult for preschools to enroll in recent years. In order to make high-quality preschools obtain parents' affirmation and favor. Schools should have their own distinguishing features, and acquire dominant managing positions. Moreover, preschools may improve the competitiveness with the effective marketing strategy, and the extensive demanding service. Hence, this study probes the current situation in development feature and competitiveness of preschools by means of statistical analysis. Also, it investigates the differences between individual development characteristics and competitiveness in preschools. Furthermore, it turns out that the correlation coefficient of development characteristics and competitiveness is notable. The outcome of Situated Learning, Creative Teaching and Design in development features, and Human Interaction, Quality of Service, Diversification in competitiveness vary under background variables. All in all, this study offer the authority concerned, preschool supervisors, and the future investigators better advices.
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