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標題: 戰勝困境:學業抗逆生與科學成績表現關係研究
Beating the Odds: A Study on the Relationship between Academic Resilient and Science Achievements
作者: 許健將
Jen Jang Sheu
關鍵字: 多階層邏吉斯迴歸;抗逆生;潛在類別分析;歸屬感;multi-level logistic regression;academic resilient;latent class analysis;campus belonging
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 15, Issue 2, Page(s) 41-63
近年來,針對學業抗逆生學習表現的研究在國際間逐漸受到重視。本研究乃是透過潛在類別分析與多階層邏吉斯迴歸兩種進階統計方法,以國內參加TIMSS2011 的國小四年級4232 位學童為研究樣本進行兩項研究,一是如何透過適當的統計方法而正確找出學業抗逆生?二是促進弱勢學生成為學業抗逆生的因子與條件為何?研究結果顯示,在4232 位學童中有888 位學童可歸類為科學類科的學業抗逆生,約占全部樣本數的五分之一,實不宜輕忽。另一研究結果顯示「喜愛學習科學」、「學習科學的自信」、「期待子女學歷水平」、「確認有撥時間做作業」、「校園歸屬感」、「老師的講解易於瞭解」、「對上課內容感興趣」與「學校平均成績表現」等七項是有利於促進弱勢學生成為學業抗逆生,而「學校平均社經水平」與「學校平均霸凌程度」對於弱勢生發展成為學業抗逆生的影響效果,在統計上則是呈現負向的顯著性。

In recent years, studies on the performance of academic resilient have been paid more attention than before. In this study, two advanced statistical methods, latent class analysis and multi-level logistic regression, were used to study the 4232 fourth-grade Taiwanese students who participated in TIMSS 2011. The results showed that about one-fifth of the selected samples in Taiwan could be classified as science-specific academic resilient, it should not be ignored. The study results also revealed that "like to learn science, self-confidence in learning science, expectation of children's educational level, confirmation of time for homework, campus belonging, easy to understand, interest in class content and average school performance" were favorable to promoting economically disadvantaged students to become academic resilient. The "average school-level socio-economic level" and "average school bullying degree" affected the development of economically disadvantaged students, statistically significant negative.
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