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標題: 父母投入對國中生學習涉入之影響:期望-價值動機之中介效果分析
The Relation between Parental Involvement and Junior High School Students' Learning Involvement: Analysis of Mediated Effect of Expectancy-Value Motivation
作者: 蔡欣樺
Shin Hua Tsai
關鍵字: 父母涉入;期望-價值動機;學習涉入;parental involvement;expectancy-value motivation;learning involvement
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 15, Issue 2, Page(s) 65-92
過去許多研究都聚焦在父母對學生學業涉入及其對學生學業成就的影響。然而,研究較少探討父母涉入對學生學習動機的影響,特別是學生的正向學習行為。因此,父母如何涉入於學生學習能幫助學生主動投入於學業,成為本研究的核心。本研究的目的為:一、探討國內國中生知覺父母涉入與學習涉入之現況;二、探討期望-價值動機在父母涉入與學生學習涉入之間的中介角色。本研究以立意抽樣的方式,抽取北部300、中部180、南部240,總共回收720份為研究樣本。經剔除無效樣本後,實際獲得的有效樣本為520 份。三種測量的研究工具分別為父母涉入量表、中學生自我調整學習量表與學習涉入量表。研究結果發現,國中生知覺的三種父母投入與檢定值3.5 皆有顯著差異。期望-價值動機是父母涉入與學習涉入的中介變項。其中,家庭學習活動透過價值動機對情緒涉入的中介效果最強。

There is little attention to discuss the influence of parental involvement on students' learning motivation, especially focus on students' positive learning behavior. How parents involve in students' learning that can help students involve actively in their learning became the core issue in this study. The purposes of this study were: (1) investigate the current status of parental involvement and students' learning involvement on junior high students (2) examine the mediated effect of expectancy-value motivation between parental involvement and learning involvement. To achieve the purpose above, 720 second-grade students in junior high school from the north, midst and south of Taiwan take part in the study. 300 students are from north; 180 students are from midst and 240 students are from south. After getting rid of the invalid samples, the total samples of the study are 526 students. The investigative tool I use in the study are parental involvement scale, the development of self-regulated learning inventory for high school students and learning engagement scale. The participants are found by purposively sampling, the responds from them are used to test all the hypothesis of the study. The result indicated that (1) there were significant differences among the junior high students who perceive the degree of parental involvement and the test value which is 3.5. (2) In this study, the effect of parental involvement predicting the learning involvement is mediated by expectancy-value motivation.
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