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標題: 科技大學學生性別平等教育量表編制與初探
The Development for Scale of Gender Equality in Education: Used on Undergraduate Students in university of technology
作者: 潘愷
Kai Pan
Pei-Ying Chen
David Fang
關鍵字: 大學生;性別平等教育量表;探索性因素分析;驗證性因素分析;複核效化;undergraduate students;gender equality;exploratory factor analysis;confirmation factor analysis;cross-validation
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 15, Issue 2, Page(s) 93-119
本研究之目的在發展「科技大學學生性別平等教育量表」。採用教育部所訂「中等學校性別平等教育課程能力指標」為藍本發展問卷,共1344 份有效問卷,有效問卷率為52.4%。隨機分為三組,分別進行探索性因素分析、驗證性因素分析,以及複核效化分析。探索性因素分析抽取出五個因素:「感情與性行為」、「性別法規與空間」、「性別特質與限制」、「性別角色與互動」、「社會架構與資源」,總量表的Cronbach's α 係數為 .963,分量表介於 .891 至 .915。驗證性因素分析證明量表有合理的適配,且五個一階因素具有合理的組合信度與變異數平均抽取量,具有良好的信度與效度。最後,經由複核效化分析顯示,量表模式具有跨樣本的穩定性。

The purpose of this study was to develop a scale of gender equality education for undergraduate students. The study aimed undergraduate students in one of the national universities of sciences and technology in Taipei. The items of scales of gender equality education for undergraduate students were chosen based on the secondary school education curriculum provided by Ministry of Education. There were 1334 valid questionnaires, and the effective rate was 52.4%. The questionnaires were randomly divided into three groups and conducted for exploratory factor analysis, confirmation factor analysis, and cross-validation. Exploratory factor analysis extracted a total of five factors: "emotion and sexual behaviors", "gender regulations and space", "gender traits and limitation", "gender roles and interaction", and "social structure and resource". Cronbach's α coefficient for the total scale was .963 and subscales ranged from .891 to .915. Confirmation factor analysis proved that the scale was adapted reasonably, and the five first-order factors also had a reasonable composite reliability and average variance extracted content, leading to good reliability and validity. A review of the cross-validation showed that the model has stability across the sample.
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