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標題: 如何讓我看見你:華德福教育觀點下氣質對學生的影響之探究
A Study on Students' Temperaments: A Waldorf Educational Perspective on What the Students Bring to the Classroom
作者: 白慧娟
Hui-Chuan Pai
關鍵字: 華德福教育;魯道夫.斯泰納;氣質;Temperament;undefined;undefined;undefined;undefined
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 16, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-17

In this paper, the Author proposes the importance of the idea of temperaments in the general classroom. Important from the perspective of not only how the students bring their essential being into the learning process, but also and very significantly, how teachers can observe and explain student's behavior with this in mind. The concept of temperaments is a basic part of the Waldorf Educational Philosophy and the learning of the theory of temperament and the study of students' temperament are the foundational knowledge and ability of the teachers in the training of Waldorf school teachers. Based on her professional experiences of more than ten years in Waldorf studies and teaching, the Author presents in this paper practical suggestions on how to facilitate students' learning and development based on this concept. The Author also hopes that these suggestions can help teachers to observe their own temperament and see how this influences their own behavior and in turn, influences the classroom management and atmosphere.
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