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dc.contributor.authorW. Emily Chowen_US
dc.description.abstract臺灣於2010年通過開放中國大陸學生來臺就學(後稱陸生政策),陸生政策 有助兩岸關係,促進高教國際及多元化,激勵國內生學習及展現臺灣民主開放價 值軟實力,更可增加各校資金收入。來臺陸生人數逐年攀升,2016年(105學年度) 陸生總人數持續居來臺境外生之冠。有關陸生在臺學習經驗的研究,多為量化文獻。本研究針對陸生人數多年蟬聯全國之冠的M大學105學年度大學部35位陸生作焦點團體訪談,探討陸生學習經驗以及未來規劃,提供陸生政策的質性部分成果。本研究主要結果顯示陸生學習經驗良好,但學位生與交換生於許多面向的感受程度不同。未來規劃方面,陸生希望留臺就業或定居的意願很低,顯示臺灣社會對陸生將排擠臺生就業的顧慮並無想像中嚴重。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe policy of accepting Mainland Chinese students to study in Taiwan was passed in 2010 (Mainland Students Policy hereafter). This policy bears multiple goals: to enhance cross-strait relations; to internationalize and diversify higher education; to motivate domestic students and exert the Taiwanese soft power of democratic and liberal values. It moreover brought fiscal revenue to universities. In 2017, Mainland students continued to out-number other external students (including international, overseas Chinese and Mainland Chinese degree and non-degree students). Studies on Mainland students' learning experience in Taiwan have mostly adopted quantitative methodology. This study conducted focus group interviews with 35 volunteered Mainland students in M University, aiming to examine their learning experiences, including experiences in classrooms, interactions with teachers and other students, and future plans. The results showed that the overall learning experience of Mainland students was positive. However, there was a degree difference of impact in several issues between degree and exchange students. On future plans, the desire of Mainland students to stay in Taiwan was very weak, which evidenced that the concern that Mainland students might threaten the employment opportunity of Taiwanese students was not as serious.en_US
dc.relation教育科學期刊, Volume 16, Issue 2, Page(s) 1-25zh_TW
dc.subjectMainland Chinese studentsen_US
dc.subjectlearning experiencesen_US
dc.subjectfuture plansen_US
dc.subjectsoft poweren_US
dc.subjectfocus group interviewen_US
dc.titleLearning Experience and Future Plans of Mainland Chinese Students in Taiwan: A Qualitative Studyen_US
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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