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標題: 「跨越生涯荊棘高原」-一位國小教師的生命史
Go Crossing a Difficult Plateau: the Life History of an Elementary School Teacher
作者: 黃安俐
An-Li Huang
Hui-Chuan Pai
關鍵字: 專業角色認同;原生家庭;理想教師圖像;family of origin;ideal teacher image;role identity
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 16, Issue 2, Page(s) 109-141

Being a teacher about twenty years, the narrator is forty now and should have been no suffering from perplexities. It seemed that everything was making stead y progress. In fact, the uncertainty of life confused the narrator. The narrator was facing a dilemma in her job. For this reason the narrator began to think: How to keep holding on her way in the future? How to get her vitality back? And how to increase the perceived value in her life? Through self-narrative, the narrator keep reviewing everything which the narrator experienced. At the same time, the adviser and the narrator discuss about how to construct what the narrator is. In analysis and interpretation of data collected, the narrator understand what kin d of teacher the narrator truly want to be. In this study, the narrator find teachers commitment. From the results of this study which are shown as follows: 1. Protosomatic family influences the children's characteristic. We should learn to take the rough with the smooth in our family. 2. In career plateau, we should introspect ourselves and find our original purpose again. Then resurgent your passion for teaching, and recognize the professional role of teachers again. 3. Teacher training courses should offer teachers more completely. And teachers must learn how to deal with the difficulties in teaching. 4. You can do self - cultivation of the mind and morality lesson in your daily life. Then we can face the difficulties head -on. Basing on the conclusions, the narrator hope the suggestions for being a teacher or teachers who have their back to the wall in their career plateau, could provide them ways to realize the context of life and master their own future. And they could recognize the professional role of teachers. At last, they can face to the unknown calmly.
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