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標題: 臺中市國民中學學生對生命意義的認知
A Study on the Perception of the Meaning of Life of Junior High Students in Taichung City
作者: 徐嘉禧
Jia-Hsi Hsu
Wen-Rong Tsay
關鍵字: 生命意義;生命意義之認知;國中生;生命意義量表;meaning of life;perception of meaning of life;junior high school students;scale of the meaning of life
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 17, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-36

This research is to understand the perception of the meaning of life and differences of background variables affecting the perception among the junior high schoolers in Taichung city. The study applied the questionnaire to collect data. Samples are 7^(th)-, 8^(th)- and 9^(th) - graders who are currently studying in public junior high schools in Taichung city. In addition, the "Scale of Holistic Life Meaning (SHLM)" was used to determine the extent of their perception toward the meaning of life. According to stratified random sampling, there were 1200 copies of questionnaires distributed to various schools and 1113 valid copies for analysis. The data analyses adopted descriptive statistics, one-way ANOVA, LSD and Scheffé's post hoc analyses if a significance was found so that the differences among groups could be understood. There were several findings as follows: 1. Junior high school students' in Taichung City had a moderate high level of perception toward the meaning of life. 2. The ranking of the holistic life meaning among Taichung's junior high schoolers was sequentially listed below: "Life Liberty", "Value of Life", and "Spiritual Upgrading". 3. Under the consideration of seven background variables, junior high schoolers perception of the meaning of life reached significant differences in terms of gender, grade, religion, birth order, family social economic status, and family type, and school district. Finally, several recommendations were provided for teachers and future research.
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