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標題: 素養培育的實驗教育觀點─以臺中市楓樹腳實驗教育機構為例
Literacy development within experimental education: A study of Cool School Experimental Education Institution
作者: 溫子欣
Tzu-Hsing Wen
Joseph Meng-Chun Chin
關鍵字: 素養培育;實驗教育;十二年國民基本教育;literacy development;experimental education;12-year basic curriculum
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 17, Issue 1, Page(s) 61-84

Development of literacy has recently become an important part of education reform in many countries. This is partly due to the pressure brought about by the need to perform in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Since the enactment of the 12-Years Basic Curriculum program in 2014, Taiwan's educational development has shifted to the development of core literacies. Development of literacy has become an important issue of practical and academic researches. With these in mind, the current paper shall present the findings from the analysis of the Cool School Experimental Education Institution in Taichung Taiwan. Analysis of the various special course subjects such as: Nutrition education and stunt bicycle, were accomplished. Data analysis were accomplished on the collected interview logs with findings as follows: 1) Cool School Experimental Education Institution's literacy education is focused on the development of combining three basic literacies namely knowledge, skills, and attitude; 2) the program design and teaching pedagogy is highly influenced and guided by their founding philosophy; 3) the program uses repeated and longterm activities to promote literacy development; 4) literacies are also developed with the course of problem solving; 5) the concept of learning by doing is also promoted; 6) in essence, all the literacy development activities must be accompanied by specific results.
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