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標題: Eurya lui (Pentaphylacaceae), A New Species in Taiwan
臺灣新種 (五裂木科) 植物:浸水營柃木
作者: Yi-Hung Wu
Chien-Ti Chao
Yen-Hsueh Tseng
關鍵字: Eurya lui;Pentaphylacaceae;Taiwan;Plant Taxonomy;浸水營柃木;五裂木科;植物分類;臺灣
Project: 林業研究季刊, Volume 37, Issue4, Page(s) 219-228.
Eurya lui is a new species of Pentaphylacaceae endemic in Taiwan. It resembles E. strigillosa, but can be distinguished by its oblong leaves with pilose abaxial surface, evident petioles and 15-19 stamens within each fl ower. In this article, we provide line drawings, photographs of this new species, and a key to the species of Eurya in Taiwan.

本文描述五裂木科的一個新種植物-浸水營柃木 (Eurya lui),係分布於臺灣的一特有種, 本種近似粗毛柃木 (E. strigillosa),但可從葉橢圓形、背面被柔毛、具葉柄、每朵花雄蕊15~19枚作 區分,文中提供臺灣產柃木屬植物檢索表,及本新種之彩色照片,手繪圖以供參考及鑑定之查索。
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