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標題: 中古時期的德意志人東向移民拓殖史作為德意志第二帝國東向擴張的宣傳工具
History of German Eastern Migration and Colonization in the Middle Ages as the Propaganda for the Eastern Expansion of the German Second Reich
作者: 杜子信
Tu, Tzu-hsin
關鍵字: 中古德意志人東向移民拓殖史;德意志第二帝國;向東壓進;東向擴張;日耳曼化政策;Eastern Migration and Colonization in the Middle Ages;German Second Reich;Drang nach Osten;Eastern Expansion;Policy of Germanizaiton
Project: 興大歷史學報, Issue 32, Page(s) 1-34

German nationalism was evoked by the German Romanticism and the conquer by Napoleon Wars from the end of 18^(th) century to the beginning of the 19^(th) century. The Germans therefore attempted to consolidate their spirits against the defeat from without by means of appealing to their national glorious historical past. Until the launch of the 19^(th) century, "History of German Eastern Migration and Colonization in the Middle Ages" was then discovered and treasured, and it was seen as historical paradigm and was praised. Thereafter in the process of German national unity movement, this period of history was utilized to assimilate the Poles in order for national homogeneity. The history in which numerous Slavs in Central Eastern Europe were assimilated by the Germans in the middle ages was deemed the model of the Germanization policy, so that nationalism prevailed strongly. After the German Second Reich was built in 1871, the aforementioned history was interiorly not only employed to assimilate the Poles, but also exteriorly as the propaganda tool to expand eastward and to accomplish the Germans' Eastern Imperialism since 1890s. Upon the burst of the World War I and the sequential success in Eastern Front made this period of medieval history completely the best propaganda history, with which the Second Reich occupied and colonized in Central Eastern Europe and Eastern Europe. This study describes the essence of the German Eastern Migration and Colonization in the Middle Ages, and analyzes the process in which the propaganda tool of Eastern Expansion and Imperialism was employed.
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