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標題: 微型曲面光柵光譜儀檢測蔬菜硝酸鹽含量之研究
A Study on Nitrate Detection of Vegetables by Using Concave Grating Spectrometer
作者: 吳宗衡
Tzong-Herng Wu
Yue-Kai Weng
Bo-Yan Lin
Tse-Min Chen
關鍵字: 硝酸鹽;蔬菜;光譜分析;Nitrate;Vegetables;Analysis by optical spectrum
Project: 農林學報, Volume 65, Issue 4, Page(s) 277-284
近年來施肥過度導致農產品中硝酸鹽殘留濃度偏高,其中葉菜類為國人飲食不可或缺的,而硝酸鹽又大多來自葉菜類。醫學證實硝酸鹽經由人體攝取,會機轉成亞硝酸鹽,攝取過多有害人體健康。如何檢測葉菜硝酸鹽含量受到國人關注,常見的檢測方法有離子層析法、高效能液相層析法和氣象層析法,都能得到精準的數據,但缺點為機器龐大、價格昂貴、前置工作步驟多及檢測時間長耗費時間,不利於現場即時檢測。本試驗應用可輕鬆攜行之干涉式凹面光柵微型光譜儀進行蔬菜即時檢測,分析在不同濃度下硝酸鹽所吸收之特徵光譜與定性定量特性。擷取波長210-350 nm之特徵光譜,分別對100、200、500、667、1000 ppm五種濃度之純硝酸鹽氮溶液和樣品溶液進行光譜分析,分析結果顯示選用吸收光譜中第二特徵峰進行硝酸鹽定量分析時,濃度與最大吸收度呈現高度正相關。試驗結果則顯示微型光譜儀搭配所建立之檢量方程式,即可及時有效完成硝酸鹽檢測之定性與定量分析,未來將可做為應用微型光譜儀進行相關測量之技術基礎。

Over-fertilization of soils can cause high concentrations of residual nitrate in agriculture product. The content of nitrate in human body usually comes from the food of vegetables with the residue of nitrate. Since the nitrate in the human body may transfer into nitrite which is a carcinogenic substances approved recently, the detection of the content of nitrate is seriously concerned. As the most popular fresh food source, the leaf-vegetable is paid more attention on the detection of content of nitrate, then. There are many ways to detect the nitrate, such as the ion chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. Although these methods provide the most precise results, but the disadvantages such as time-consuming process, high equipment cost and complicated sample pretreatments restrict the real-time application. In this experiment, the concave grating interference spectrometer was employed to the real-time detection of vegetables and the description of the characteristics of nitrate absorption spectrum with different concentrations was also discussed. The nitrate absorption spectrum and sample solutions with which 100, 200, 500, 667 and 1000 ppm five different concentrations of nitrate. Then, the wavelengths from 210 to 350 nm were chosen. In quantitative analysis, the second characteristic peak of absorption spectrum was selected to make mean square error comparison. There was significant positive correlation between concentrations and the maximum absorbance. This experiment contributes a good enough description to the identity and concentrations of nitrates in vegetable and established basic detecting technique on nitrate preliminarily.
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