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標題: 高麗菜廢葉添加香菇廢太空包堆肥化之研究
Study on Waste Cabbage Leaves Compost by Adding used Shiitake Growth Bag
作者: 沈靖彥
Jing-Yan Shen
Feng-Jehng Wang
關鍵字: 堆肥化;發酵槽;高麗菜廢葉;太空包廢木屑;Composting;Fermentation tank;Waste cabbage leaves;Shiitake Growth Bag
Project: 農林學報, Volume 66, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-10
蔬菜農產品的需求量隨著台灣的經濟發展逐漸增加,伴隨而來的龐大蔬菜廢棄物的處理日趨重要,一般工程上處理蔬菜廢棄物的方法包括焚化、衛生掩埋及堆肥化。本研究採用自行研發的試驗型保溫發酵槽,並選用蔬菜廢棄物中數量最多的高麗菜廢葉作為堆肥化的主要資材及香菇太空包廢木屑為副資材,在調整適當的含水率、通風量及攪拌頻率下,量測並記錄影響堆肥發酵過程至腐熟期間之各項重要因子;如溫度、酸鹼值、導電度、含水率、碳氮比及有機質含量等,探討主要資材與副資材之重量配比及其通風頻率對堆肥化的影響。實驗設計以攪拌頻率(攪拌30分鐘停止7.5小時)搭配主副資材重量配比高比例(2:1)與低比例(5:1)以及高頻率通風(通風30分鐘停止90分鐘)與低頻率通風(通風30分鐘停止7.5小時),探討各項因子對堆肥化之影響。由實驗結果顯示高麗菜廢葉與太空包廢棄物以高比例(重量比2:1)混合時有較顯著發酵趨勢,在各項發酵參數表現上,高比例的混合方式皆優於低比例,但高於2:1,則會造成導電度超過4 mS/cm。提高通風頻率雖可增加氧氣的流量,但由於保溫不易,過高的通風頻率則會造成發酵溫度降低的趨勢。

The demand for vegetable and agricultural products is increasing with the economic development in Taiwan. The processing of large vegetable wastes is becoming more and more important. The methods of treating vegetables wastes in general engineering include incineration, sanitary burial and composting. In this study, the self-developed experimental fermentation tank was used, and the highest amount of cabbage in the vegetable waste was selected as the main material of fermentation. The waste shiitake growth bag was used as the auxiliary material. The important factors such as temperature, pH value, conductivity, water content, C / N ratio and organic matter content, etc., were measured and recorded during the process of composting by adjusting the proper moisture content, ventilation volume and stirring frequency. To explore the main materials and sub-materials of the weight ratio and its ventilation frequency on the impact of composting. This study was carried out at a stirring frequency (stirring 0.5 hr-stop 7.5 hr), main materials and sub - materials with higher weight mixing ratio (2: 1) and lower weight mixing ratio (5: 1) and high frequency ventilation (ventilation 0.5 hr-stop 1.5 hr) and low frequency ventilation (ventilation 0.5 hr-stop 7.5 hr), to explore the effect of these factors on composting. The results showed that there were significant fermentation trends in the high mixing rate (2: 1 weight ratio) of the cabbage waste and the waste mushroom growing materials, and the high mixing rate of the mixing method was better than the low mixing rate in the performance of the fermentation parameters, but the addition ratio is too high, it will cause the conductivity of more than 4 mS / cm. Increase the ventilation frequency can increase the flow of oxygen, but because of insulation is not easy, excessive ventilation frequency will cause the fermentation temperature to decrease.
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