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標題: 有機稻作生產成本與收益之研究
The Production Costs and Revenues of Organic Rice
作者: 黃炳文
Biing-Wen Huang
Shiow-Ing Lin
Pei-Hui Lin
Yi-Ting Hsieh
Yang-Yu Cheng
關鍵字: 有機稻作;生產成本;稻作所得;Organic rice;Production costs;Rice revenues
Project: 農林學報, Volume 66, Issue 1, Page(s) 11-23

Rice is the main food in Taiwan. Following the development of organic agriculture, farmers gradually pay much attention to the organic rice farming. However the formal survey of the production costs and revenues of organic rice farming still has not been implemented. In order to develop the organic rice farming and provide the reference data for the agricultural authority, the objectives of this study are to analyze the production inputs and outputs of organic rice farming. The results will be compared with the conventional rice farming. The different sale types will also be explored. The survey data of "Agricultural Operation Models of Organic Farms in 2017" will be adopted. There were 72 respondents who had planted organic rice during first and second cropping period in 2016. The statistical results show that the production quantities of per hectare paddy rice were 4,739kg and 3,345kg respectively in the first and second cropping period. These quantities were lower than those of conventional planting rice. The per kilogram production costs were NT$29.2 and 38.6. The per kilogram sale prices were NT$36.7 and 35.7. These kinds of costs and prices were higher than those of conventional planting rice. However, the organic rice planting had more family labor force. Therefore the per hectare rice family incomes, including family labor remuneration, land rents, and capital interest, of organic paddy rice were NT$83,302 and 31,292, which were higher than those of conventional rice. Furthermore, if paddy rice was milled by farmers themselves, the per hectare rice family incomes of organic rice could reach NT$251,669 and 150,650.
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