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標題: 《群書治要》所載《文子》異文研究-兼補王利器《文子疏義》以《群書治要》校勘《文子》例
Citations of Wenzi founded in the Qunshuzhiyao -With a Supplement to Wang Liqi's Collation of Wenzi by Qunshuzhiyao in the Wenzishuyi
作者: 潘銘基
Poon, Ming-Kay
關鍵字: 群書治要;唐代類書;文子;文子疏義;互見文獻;Qunshu zhiyao;Leishu compiled in Tang Dynasty;Wenzi;Wenzishuyi;Parallel passage
Project: 興大中文學報, Issue 44, Page(s) 1-27

The fifty-juan Qunshu zhiyao群書治要was compiled in 631 by Wei Zheng魏徵, an official in charge of the Imperial Library on the orders of Emperor Taizong of the Tang dynasty. Other editors of the book included Yu Shinan 虞世南, Chu Liang 褚亮, and Xiao Deyan 蕭德言. Last recorded in the Yiwenzhi of the History of Song 宋史藝文志, the Qunshu zhiyao was no longer extant in China since. However, the book was considered extremely important in the early Heian period (794-1185) of Japan and was read by later Japanese emperors. The Tokyo National Museum houses thirteen-juan of the book, which were passed down in the aristocratic Kujō clan 九条家. These were copied in the mid-Heian period from a Tang-dynasty manuscript prepared in China and are the oldest surviving copies of the text. Seven of these thirteen-juan have been repaired and are available for online viewing now. In Qing Dynasty, the version of Zhiyao modified by the Japanese, Tianmingben 天明本,was transmitted to China. Numerous scholars of Qing Dynasty (e.g. Wang Niansun 王念孫and Yan Kejun 嚴可均) edited and collated Tianmingben because of its value. However, Tianmingben was corrected by scholars with numerous original books which means that Tianmingben no longer maintains the value of Zhiyao. Although Tianmingben has often been applied by scholars, e.g. Wang Shumin 王叔岷, Wang Liqi 王利器, Li Dingsheng 李定生 and Xu Huijun 徐慧君, to the collation of Wenzi, its importance may not be higher than Kujō clan version's. Set Wenzi as an example, this paper aims to retrieve the collation value of Qunshu zhiyao, and to investigate in the difference between various versions of Zhiyao as well as the characteristics of them.
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