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標題: 重省與跨越-論龔自珍思想中的「情」
Rethinking and Crossing-On the Issue of Sentiment in Gong Zizhen's Thought
作者: 陳木青
Chen, Mu-Ching
關鍵字: 龔自珍;尊情;宥情;童心;公私;Gong Zizhen;Respect of Sentiment;Forgiveness of Sentiment;Kidult Spirit;Impartiality and Privacy
Project: 興大中文學報, Issue 44, Page(s) 93-119

Gong Zizhen has been regarded by contemporary literature as an important thinker in Qing dynasty. In classical studies, Gong inherited Gongyang studies of Changzhou School in order to achieve his statecraft. In the area of literature, Gong appeared his strong sentiments on his works, and this is why Gong was highly esteemed by other literati, in the sense that a wave of collecting the sentences of Gong's poems had been caused. From the aspect of thinking, Gong's discussion on the issue of sentiment, though being important in a philosophical sense, had seldom been paid attention, which is taken as a background in this paper to do a further study on Gong's thought. In researches of Gong's thought of sentiment, it has often been claimed that Li Zhi's theory of kidult spirit was the origin of Gong's thought, in the sense that both held an anti-tradition thesis and were full of feelings. But, it is also no doubt that Gong and Li were both deeply influenced by Confucian moral tradition, which was embodied in their definition of kidult spirit. Besides, based on Gong's statements, it can be seen that there is a process from "forgiveness of sentiment" to "respect of sentiment", towards the sage level in which sentiments and emotions would have been in a balanced state. This paper, based on the study of Gong's conception of sentiment, also provides a thinking to the relations between impartiality and privacy, arguing that in Gong's idea, privacy, apart from its negative aspect, can be considered a way to achieve public benefits. In this regard, instead of something contradictory as some common view, these two concepts may be available to cross each other.
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