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標題: Effects of peeling and steam-heating treatment on mechanical properties and dimensional stability of oriented Phyllostachys makinoi and Phyllostachys pubescens scrimber boards
作者: Min Jay Chung
Sheng Yang Wang
關鍵字: Bamboo culms;Oriented bamboo scrimber board;Mechanical properties;Dimensional stability
出版社: Springer Singapore
Project: Journal of Wood Science October 2018, Volume 64, Issue 5, pp 625-634
Epidermal peeling treatment (EPT) and steam-heating treatment (SHT) are two popular pretreatments for bamboo processing. This study examined the effects of EPT and SHT on strength properties, profile density distribution, internal bond strength (IB), rate of springback, nail withdrawal resistance, and dimensional stability of oriented bamboo scrimber board (OBSB) made of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel) and makino bamboo (P. makinoi Hayata) strips. Results obtained using non-destructive testing (NDT) revealed that EPT for moso bamboo in the processing of OBSB caused lower ultrasonic-wave velocity (Vu) and dynamic modulus of elasticity (DMOEu) parallel to the fiber direction, but higher Vu and DMOEu perpendicular to the fiber direction. However, EPT slightly affected variations in modulus of elasticity (MOE) and modulus of rupture (MOR) of moso bamboo. In contrast, the effects of SHT on Vu and DMOEu were inconsistent and insignificant among the OBSB samples. On the other hands, SHT caused increasing in MOE and MOR of OBSB, but leads to decrease in MOE and MOR of OBSB comprising bamboo strips after EPT. Both EPT and SHT contributed to more uniform profile densities in OBSB and had a positive impact on nail withdrawal resistance. EPT increased IB of moso bamboo and SHT enhanced IB of makino bamboo with epidermis only. Bamboo strips after SHT resulted in significant decrease in water absorption of all OBSB specimens. Reduction in swelling as a result of SHT not only improved the dimensional stability of OBSB but also enhanced strength.
DOI: 10.1007/s10086-018-1731-y
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