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標題: Proteomic analysis of the hypothalamus of broiler-type Taiwan country chickens in response to acute heat stress
作者: Tu, Wei-Lin
Cheng, Chuen-Yu
Chen, Chao-Jung
Chan, Hong-Lin
Wang, Shih-Han
Tang, Pin-Chi
Chen, Chih-Feng
Chen, Hsin-Hsin
Lee, Yen-Pai
Chen, Shuen-Ei
Huang, San-Yuan
關鍵字: Taiwan country chickens;acute heat stress;hypothalamus;proteomics;Animals;Body Temperature Regulation;Chickens;Cytoskeleton;Female;Hot Temperature;Hypothalamus;Oxidative Stress;Protein Folding;Proteins;Proteomics;Stress, Physiological;Taiwan;Time Factors;Proteolysis
Project: Animal science journal = Nihon chikusan Gakkaiho, Volume 89, Issue 10, Page(s) 1475-1485.
The hypothalamus is a critical center for regulating heat retention or dissipation. This study investigated global protein changes in the hypothalamus of broiler-type Taiwan country chickens (TCCs) after acute heat stress. Twelve TCC hens aged 30 weeks were allocated to groups subjected to acute heat stress at 38°C for 2 hr without recovery, with 2 hr of recovery, and with 6 hr of recovery; a control group was maintained at 25°C. Hypothalami were collected for protein expression analysis at the end of each time point. The results showed 114 protein spots differentially expressed after acute heat stress. Most of the differentially expressed proteins were involved in cellular processes, metabolism, transport, and cellular component organization. Functional annotation analysis suggested that these proteins were related to cellular defensive responses against heat and oxidative stress, detoxification and toxin export/delivery, cytoskeleton integrity, oxygen transport, and neural development. The results of this study suggest that acute heat stress damages the hypothalamus of broiler-type TCCs through oxidative stress and provokes a series of responses to stabilize protein structures, degrade misfolded proteins, and remodel cytoskeletons for attenuating the detrimental effects by acute heat stress.
DOI: 10.1111/asj.13060
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