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標題: Phosphate Removal in Relation to Structural Development of Humic Acid-Iron Coprecipitates
作者: Chen, Kai-Yue
Hsu, Liang-Ching
Chan, Ya-Ting
Cho, Yen-Lin
Tsao, Fang-Yu
Tzou, Yu-Min
Hsieh, Yi-Cheng
Liu, Yu-Ting
Project: Scientific reports, Volume 8, Issue 1, Page(s) 10363.
Precipitation of Fe-hydroxide (FH) critically influences the sequestration of PO4 and organic matter (OM). While coatings of pre-sorbed OM block FH surfaces and decrease the PO4 adsorption capacity, little is known about how OM/Fe coprecipitation influences the PO4 adsorption. We aimed to determine the PO4 adsorption behaviors on humic acid (HA)-Fe coprecipitates in relation to surface and structural characteristics as affected by HA types and C/(C + Fe) ratios using the Fe and P X-ray absorption spectroscopy. With increasing C/(C + Fe) ratios, the indiscernible changes in the proportion of near-surface C for coprecipitates containing HA enriched in polar functional groups implied a relatively homogeneous distribution between C and Fe domains. Wherein PO4 adsorbed on FH dominated the P inventory on coprecipitates, yielding PO4 sorption properties nearly equivalent to that of pure FH. Structural disruptions of FH caused by highly associations with polar functional groups of HA enhanced the C solubilisation. While polar functional groups were limited, coprecipitates consisted of core FH with surface outgrowth of HA. Although surface-attached HA that was vulnerable to solubilisation provided alternatively sites for PO4 via ternary complex formation with Fe bridges, it also blocked FH surfaces, leading to a decrease in PO4 adsorption.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-28568-7
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