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標題: Changes in different fecal parameters with administration of bromelain and inulin in a rat model
作者: Chiou-Yeong Saw
Wei-Min Kao
Po-Ya Chen
Boon-Swee Chew
Ying Liew
Chi-Fai Chau
關鍵字: Bromelain;inulin;fecal mucinase;short chain fatty acid
Project: CYTA – JOURNAL OF FOOD 2018, VOL. 16, NO. 1, 980–985
The present study was to investigate the effects of administrating bromelain, inulin, or a mixture of these ingredients on different fecal parameters in a rat model. Our results showed that taking bromelain (120 CDU/kg body weight) apparently increased fecal moisture by 18% and declined fecal mucinase activity (−36.3%). The incorporation of inulin (260 mg/kg body weight) could also result in some desirable changes including increased fecal moisture by 19%, declined fecal mucinase activity (−43.9%). The feeding of same amounts of bromelain and inulin could lead to significant increases in the presumptive counts of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacilli as well as the concentrations of various fecal short chain fatty acids (by 54–95%). This study suggested that the consumption of bromelain and inulin together might exert favorable effects in improving certain fecal parameters, and provide more hints for the development of functional food formulations.
DOI: 10.1080/19476337.2018.1513424
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