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標題: Extracts of black garlic exhibits gastrointestinal motility effect
作者: Chen, Yi-An
Tsai, Jen-Chieh
Cheng, Kuan-Chen
Liu, Keng-Fan
Chang, Chao-Kai
Hsieh, Chang-Wei
關鍵字: 5-HT(4);Black garlic;Gastrointestinal tract function;Maillard reaction
Project: Food research international (Ottawa, Ont.), Volume 107, Page(s) 102-109.
In this studied, extracts of black garlic on the improvement of gastrointestinal function, antioxidant activity, total polyphenols, total flavonoids and total polysaccharides were evaluated. Results showed that the black garlic n-butanol fraction extract (BA) had significantly increased effect within small intestine in vitro, while the ethyl acetate fractions had no significant effect on small intestine in vitro. Increase of 5-HT4 content effectively stimulated the gastrointestinal peristalsis, which enhanced its gastrointestinal tract emptying, and promoted defecation. As for antioxidant activity test, the water extract was more effective in SOD activity test, DPPH radical scavenging rates, ferric reducing antioxidant power and reducing power. In addition, the water fraction was simulated by gastric acid digestion and hydrolysis, and the small intestine was isolated after acid hydrolysis (AW). It was found that the water fraction extract after acid hydrolysis did significantly improve the intestinal contraction rate. In short, extract of black garlic could effectively promote gastrointestinal motility and promote defecation. The active compounds were highly polar ingredients since water extract of black garlic exhibits most significant effect on improving gastrointestinal function.
DOI: 10.1016/j.foodres.2018.02.003
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